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Since Mahjongg had a resurge of popularity there has been an increase of websites dedicated to mah jongg, and why not, it is a great game to play! Most of the free games of mahjong are in the form of the card game of 'Pairs' and can be enjoyed just as much as other card games or arcade games.

Now online casinos have got in on the act too and many casinos now include arcade games aswell as the traditional casino games of blackjack, poker, roulette and craps. Some online casinos have now added Mahjong to their collection of casino games and the team at Free Mah have been out looking at the online casino version of mahjongg.

Online casino mahjong is a fairly simple game to play :

Japanese Solo Mahjong

This is the single-player version of the classic Chinese game, played according to Japanese rules (Tenwa). You start out with a ready hand (one tile away from a win) and must find the right tile in the wall to complete it.

The wall is a set of 24 face-down tiles. Click on a tile to pick it. You have three chances per round to find the right tile. The number of picks left is displayed under the wall.

Below the wall is your hand. The space to the right of it holds the last picked tile, and the space just above it holds the discarded tiles. If you picked a tile from the wall and it hasn’t completed your hand, “No hand” will blink and the tile will be discarded automatically. You can also click on the tile to discard it yourself. After that, you can pick another tile. If you’ve picked three tiles and none of them have completed your hand, the round is over.

Please note: In standard Mahjong, discarded tiles can be used to complete a hand. In Solo Mahjong, this is not the case. Discarded tiles do not participate in the game in any way. (See Solo Mahjong Rules for more.)

If the picked tile completed your hand, the win screen will open. There you can see all the sets in your hand, and how many points each set is worth. Game points are converted into the score, which determines how much money you’ve won. The score is calculated from the game point total using a traditional, complex algorithm. In the win screen, you can click on Continue to review the end state of the round, or you can click on the New Game button to immediately start the next round.

To the right of the wall is the Hand Information area that displays the random actions or bonuses associated with the current game round. The hand information parameters are representing a scenario that would happen at the end of a true Mahjong game. The final score of the winning hand is based also on the hand information parameters:

  • Action is a Mahjong hand that is applied as a bonus. If you win, this hand’s points are added to your total.Pleasenote: If Action is Response, you get no bonus points.
  • Reach specifies whether the Reach or Early Reach hand applies.
  • The Seat Wind and Quarter Wind indicators. A set of wind tiles matching either the seat or quarter wind makes a special hand and increases your score. (See Solo Mahjong Rules for more.)
  • The Dora tile. Each tile in your hand matching the Dora gives you an extra game point. (See Solo Mahjong Rules for more.)

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